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Plastics Tank
Our Plastics Tank is fabricated from the finest grade material as per the excellent design, designed with German designing software by RITA 2.5 (Roechling’s Integrated Tank Building Assistant, developed by Roechling and TUV Nord)

Plastics tank,plastics tank india

Industrial Storage Tank
Our industrial storage tanks are trusted on by several industries across the world due to their high resistance to corrosive & reactive chemicals and durability.

Plastics Storage Tank
Our high quality Plastics Storage Tank is available in diverse storage capacities & shapes like Square, Rectangle, conical, Round, Cylindrical, Vertical, Horizontal etc
Plastics storage tank,Plastics storage tank india
Chemical Storage Tank
Our Chemical Storage tank is very safe because it is absolutely leak and spill proof.
Chemical storage tank,Chemical Storage tank manufacturer
Acid Storage Tank
Our Acid Storage Tank that is highly resistant to corrosive acids & chemicals has excellent vent system for expelling acid-fumes in a safe way.
Acid storage tank,Acid storage tank supplier
Square Storage Tank
Our Square Storage Tank is very ideal for different purposes like stationary storage, transportation & handling of reactive chemicals & acids
Square storage tank, Square storage tank in India
Plastic Chemical Tank
Plastic Chemical Tank are mainly applied in chemical & petrochemical industries, fertilizer industries, textile industries etc. due to their robustness, high resistance to corrosion and dangerous caustic & acidic chemicals.
Plastic Chemical Tank, Plastic chemical tank supplier
Horizontal Storage Tank
Horizontal storage tank is perfect when there is no vertical storage space. We offer them diverse capacities and also in customized versions.
Horizontal storage tank, Horizontal storage tank india
FRP Chemical Storage Tank
To fabricate our Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic tanks, we use the best quality fiberglass and polyester resin.
FRP chemical storage tank, FRP chemical storage tank manufacturer
Acid Measuring Tank
Our Acid Measuring Tank offer precise measurement of the highly corrosive acids and is widely applied in diverse industries.
Acid measuring tank, Acid measuring tank supplier
Polypropylene Storage Tanks
Our Polypropylene Storage Tank is designed using RITA 2.5 software and is fabricated with Hot Gas Extrusion Welding method acquired from Germany.

FRP storage tank, FRP storage tank india
HDPE Storage Tank
Our tanks because of their aspects like cascade water flow arrangement, Fire resistance, dormant grounding system, improved Fumes extraction arrangement etc are widely preferred in the industries over our competitor’s products.
HDPE storage tank, HDPE storage tank supplier
Polypropylene Storage Tank
Our Polypropylene Storage Tank is designed using RITA 2.5 software and is fabricated with Hot Gas Extrusion Welding method acquired from Germany.
Polypropylene storage tank,Polypropylene storage tank supplier
Heavy Duty Storage Tank
Our Heavy Duty Storage Tank is robust and can tolerate high impact, prolonged wear & tear and high temperature.
Heavy duty storage tank manufacturer, Heavy duty storage tank
Commercial Storage Tank
Our Commercial Storage Tank have excellent robustness, high tensile strength, seamless finishing, hence are tremendously durable.
Commercial storage tank supplier, Commercial storage tank
Thermoplastic tanks
Our Thermoplastic tanks are preferred in the domestic as well as international market due to their high quality, special features and excellent life span.
Thermoplastic storage tank,Thermoplastic storage tank manufacturer
Liquid Handling Storage Tank
Liquids such as oils, reactive chemicals, fuels and hazardous liquids necessitate a proper storage and our Liquid Handling Storage Tank is perfectly apt for them.
Liquid handling storage tank,liquid handling storage tank manufacturer
Mineral Storage Tanks
Our Mineral Storage Tank is designed & made as per industrial norms, with contemporary technology & latest machineries accessible.
Mineral storage tanks,Mineral storage tanks india
Effluent Treatment Tank
Arvind Anticor Limited is regarded as the most celebrated manufacturers & exporters of an outstanding array of Effluent Treatment Tank in India.
Effluent treatment tank india,Effluent treatment tank
Customized Storage Tanks
Our Customized Storage Tanks are perfect for our clients who need excellent storage system precisely as per their requirements.
Customized storage tanks,customized storage tanks supplier
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