Plastic Tank Manufacturer
Plastics Storage Tank

Plastic Tank Manufacturer

Storage tanks are one of the vital needs for industries, especially those industries that deal with hazardous chemicals, acids and alkalis etc. An efficient storage tanks ideally should not cause spilling, seeping and leaking of the liquid substances stored in them. They should be obviously resistant to chemicals, acids, alkali & absolutely be corrosion-erosion resistant. Over all they should offer risk free storage. Arvind Anticor Limited is one of the chief companies in India involved in the manufacturing and exporting of Plastics storage tanks that comply with the International quality standards. Our storage tanks are fabricated from high quality thermoplastic polymer such as poly-propylene, HDPE, FRP etc. Our plastics tanks are immensely admired & demanded in the market due to their features like Corrosion & erosion resistance, Risk-free storage, 100% Spill and leak proof, Hard-wearing, venting system equipment for acid fumes, Weld-less Bottom Radius etc.

This chief goal of this website is to get you acquainted to our extensive array of world-class plastic storage tanks.

Manufacturer Of Plastic Tank

Plastics Tank

Industrial Storage Tank

Chemical Storage Tank

Plastics tank,plastics tank india
Plastic Tank
Chemical storage tank,Chemical Storage tank manufacturer

Plastics Storage Tank

Square Storage Tank

Acid Storage Tank

Plastics storage tank,Plastics storage tank india
Square storage tank, Square storage tank in India
Acid storage tank,Acid storage tank supplier

FRP Chemical Storage Tank

Acid Measuring Tank

Plastic Chemical Tank

FRP chemical storage tank, FRP chemical storage tank manufacturer
Acid measuring tank, Acid measuring tank supplier
Plastic Chemical Tank, Plastic chemical tank supplier

FRP Storage Tank

HDPE Storage Tank

Horizontal Storage Tank

FRP storage tank, FRP storage tank india
HDPE storage tank, HDPE storage tank supplier
Horizontal storage tank, Horizontal storage tank india

Heavy Duty Storage Tank

Thermoplastic Storage Tank

Polypropylene storage tank,Polypropylene storage tank supplier
Heavy duty storage tank manufacturer, Heavy duty storage tank
Thermoplastic storage tank,Thermoplastic storage tank manufacturer

Commercial Storage Tank

Mineral Storage Tanks

Commercial storage tank supplier, Commercial storage tank
Mineral storage tanks,Mineral storage tanks india
Liquid handling storage tank,liquid handling storage tank manufacturer

Effluent Treatment Tank

Effluent treatment tank india,Effluent treatment tank Customized storage tanks,customized storage tanks supplier




Our special products

Plastics Storage Tank

Thermoplastic Storage Tank

Frp Chemical Storage Tank

Plastic Storage Tank India Chemical Tank India Acid Measuring Tank Liquid Storage Tank Exporter
Plastic Chemical Tank India Hdpe Storage india Hdpe Storage Supplier Hdpe Storage
Our domestic market
Plastics Tank in Mumbai Plastics Tank in Kolkata Plastics Tank in Chennai Plastics Tank in Bangalore
Plastics Tank in Delhi Plastics Tank in Jaipur Plastics Tank in Pune Plastics Tank in Hyderabad
Plastics Tank in Agra Plastics Tank in Patna Plastics Tank in Kanpur Plastics Tank in Lucknow
Plastics Tank in Nashik Ghaziabad Plastics Tank in Indore Plastics Tank in Nagpur
Plastics Tank in Allahabad Plastics Tank in Ludhiana Plastics Tank in Visakhapatnam Plastics Tank in Bhopal
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Our Mission
Our mission is to aid our customer’s growth by offering them products that facilitate their operations in a lucrative manner. We strive for satisfying our customers which is our ultimate profit.
Our Vision
Our vision is produce high Quality products that offer excellent Performance for a good span. We intend to be a highly profit-making company by selling such products in the national as well as international market.
Plastic Tanks,Plastic Storage Tank
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